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02 September 2009

Mistaken Identity: Edward Kennedy and Me

Me in 1988

Ted Kennedy about the same time

Sometime in the late 1980s I was changing planes at Los Angeles on my way from New Zealand to England. Part way along a wide connecting corridor I was stopped at a desk and asked for my passport. As I waited I looked across the corridor to where a group of about eight black air hostesses in orange uniforms were all waving vigorously and smiling in my direction. I looked behind me but nobody was there so I turned back to them and pointed at myself. They all nodded brightly so I waved and smiled back.

Puzzled, I asked the official why they were waving. 'I think they think you're Ted Kennedy,' he said with a grin as he handed my passport back to me. So I waved to the beautiful girls and they waved back again and I walked on.

It struck me later that if I could be mistaken for him that easily I might make a small fortune as his double. The only problem was that, like his tragic brothers, he was a target for assassination; so I never followed up the idea!

© DON DONOVAN in text and self portrait.Kennedy ex internet.



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