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12 April 2012

Wimbledon Re-visited

More pictures from the archive: It was a memorable day a long time ago. We'd been invited by British American Tobacco (can't think why) to Wimbledon tennis, the Number One Court, to watch McEnroe play Guy Forget. Everything Wimbledonian that one could possibly experience happened that day.

It started off with cucumber sandwiches, strawberries and cream, and champers and then we left the VIP tent to go to the court where I shot this picture of John McEnroe serving to Forget - nice one eh?

Then - we were not to be disappointed - McEnroe had a slanging match with the umpire. Here he is knowing more than anybody else about what happened and what should happen next. The crowd cheered him on but in the end they got fed up with him and told him to get on with it.

Then, glory be, it rained and the last thing we saw was the ancient ritual of pulling the covers over the grass court.

Then we went back for more champers and goodies. Then we went home. Wouldn't have missed it for the worlds, great fun.


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