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25 August 2012

Leaves From My Sketchbooks. 5. St. Michael and All Angels, Hakaru

I drew this Northland church early on in my nation-wide search for subjects  but left it out of the final publication, Country Churches of New Zealand because it was so similar to others - a porch and a nave and little else. I think there must have been a standard plan put out by the Anglican architectural office in the nineteenth century.

But I particularly remember doing this drawing because I was sitting on a tombstone that felt to my bottom like cold charity, with my feet half submerged in soggy grass after days of rain.


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  1. For anyone that may be interested. Our family has visited this church on many occasions, as it is the site of the original church that we eventually found had been removed to Hukatere,(apologies, may have spelt this wrong) Our interest was fueled by the family that helped with the setting up of the previous much smaller church, who are the only other family to have lived in NZ, with the same family name as ourselves. They came here around 1860, we arrived in 2008.This church has quite a few published pieces in various papers re: the church, parsonage, visits by bishop, the daughters setting up a school,aswell as a library, which can be seen in Mangawhai. This family all died in the area and are all buried in the same churchyard in Hakaru. Maybe you have seen the original church on the hill, moved to Hukatere, I have only found one photo on line, but on google maps it does not seem to be there now! Still looking for any info on that. Anyone?



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