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12 October 2012

Leaves From My Sketchbooks. 54. Stone Hut Remains, Allandale, New Zealand

I've searched frutlessly for some Internet history of this shed. I saw it among undergrowth some years ago and decided to draw it even though it was not a particularly interesting subject. But I think I might have preserved a bit of Lyttelton Harbour that's gone for ever.

I made a note on my drawing that reads: '9/7/1966. All that remains of a cottage which began as a wood hut for workmen on the Vigers property at Allandale. It was added to in stone in 1880 by Henry Jennings, a settler. For many years it belonged to William Garlick, was bought by Dunbier and was destroyed by fire in the 1950s being then 100 years old'.

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