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11 May 2011

New Zealand Odyssey: 6 and 8 Brougham Street, Wellington

'New Zealand Odyssey', published in 1989 by Heinemann, was authored by me, Don Donovan (who did the text and illustrations) and Euan Sarginson, who did the photography and design. In this series of blog posts, I will publish some of my drawings.

It's amazing what a coat of paint can do. These two houses are basically the same - in mirror image - but a couple of pots of Dulux makes all the difference. I liked the flexible 'carport' hung between the two (obviously by co-operative good neighbours). It's so kiwi! That was in 1987. I expect that if you tried to do something similar today some busybody from Wellington City Council would find that it had breached a by-law. Either that or you'd have to wait a year for resource management approval.

But... let me assure my overseas readers that while New Zealand is a land of rules and regulations it's also full of people happy to ignore them. In this respect we resemble Italy.


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