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07 February 2012

New Zealand Odyssey: The Last Page

'New Zealand Odyssey', published in 1989 by Heinemann, was authored by me, Don Donovan (who did the text and illustrations) and Euan Sarginson, who did the photography and design. In this series of blog posts, I have published some of my drawings. This is the final one.

When Euan Sarginson and I planned the book we envisaged travelling round New Zealand in a series of journeys (hence 'Odyssey') in his Volkswagen mini-bus. I would do the paintings while he took photographs. It didn't work out that way and over the three years from 1986 to 1989 we mainly travelled separately. After all, I had an advertising agency to run and he a photographic business.

I did over 700 drawings in that time, mainly from Euan's and my photographs. I would get up at 5.00 am and do two or three, go to the office, than come home at night and do another two or three. Step by step I built the collection from which about 120 were chosen to accompany Euan's photographs.

Today, in 2012, the books are out of print and have become collectors' items.

My dear friend Euan died on 7 May 2004 after a cruel illness. I dedicate this series of blog posts to him.


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