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12 February 2012

Our 1960 Journey to A New Life in New Zealand. 2.

This is a diary from 1960. The actual entries are in typewriter font. Added comments are in red. The photographs are from that date, some in colour (expensive in those days).

13th January

Up 0700, saw Ushant light over port quarter so we are now in Biscay. Met two ex-M.N. sailors bound for NZ, Ian Park - a Scot, and Ken Dugdale, ship’s engineer and ship’s radio officer respectively. Spent day drinking, reading and watching ships pass - we are on a busy shipping lane. Played lie dice in evening. Should be off Portugal tomorrow. Golf clubs turned up!

14th January
Spent lousy night, cabin very hot and stuffy.

[It was an inside cabin for two, with no porthole, so small that only one could dress at a time. Single bunks, one above the other.]

Now off Portuguese coast but it was not in sight at 1000. Overcast sky. Stomach a little upset, but improved with food. Lights of Portugal in sight tonight. Gib. [Gibraltar] tomorrow. Weather milder.


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